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There are many ways in which you can support our current programs or the future plans for a school system and permanent campus!

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General Donations

These are one time or monthly donations used for ongoing expenses. Enter the amount you wish to donate. You may also choose to make it a recurring monthly gift.

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Sponsor an Event and Advertise Your Name With Custom Apparel!

Event Sponsoring

You have the opportunity to sponsor an entire event for the organization. For example, a day or residentdial camp. If you would like to cover the cost of an event, we will create specific apparel for you, our sponsor, and include a photographic album so you can see your sponsorship promoted to all who attend the event.


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Sponsor a Residential Camp

You can also donate clothing, shoes, every day supplies and cycling gear, bikes and more. We also accept donated air miles for staff travel between South Africa and the United States.

To Donate Items or Air Miles, Please Email Us

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PERPETUAL SPONSOR – If you are interested in ongoing support of the programs you may choose to fund an entire season.


ELITE PROGRAM SPONSOR – We offer those who have substantial means and substantial interest the option to invest.

Given enough time, we can establish an escrow account controlled by the donor in which the guaranteed notes are funded and placed to repay the donor. We are willing to work with any professional advisor the donor has.

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Want More Information About Becoming a Perpetual or Elite Program Sponsor? Contact us and we will provide you with a financial packet and additional information.